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Remining tailings dams reduces environmental exposure, footprint and liability, while increasing Social License and acceptance.

With the current legislative, political and environmental conditions it is beholden upon Mine Operators to progressively rehabilitate mine sites. In Queensland for example, The Queensland Government Mineral Resources and Energy (Financial Provisioning) Act 2018 amended the Environmental Protection Act 1994 introducing new requirements for a Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plan (PRC plan). A PRC plan requires the Environmental Authority (EA) holder to plan to maximise the progressive rehabilitation of the land to a stable condition, thereby stipulating a legislative imperative to progress rehabilitation projects.


In most cases Alios will rehabilitate Tailings Storage Facilities for a nett positive financial position for the client: with first product within 1 year of contract execution.

Turn your rehabilitation liability into positive environmental, social and financial outcomes with our unique hydromining, processing and rehabilitation system.
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