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Alios sustainable, integrated ash recycling projects produce building products (bricks, blocks, pavers and roof tiles) from Coal fired power station waste ash, with complimentary hydrogen and organic fertiliser production. Multiple processes within the system are Alios owned patents, protecting our system from replication by others. The Alios system utilises coarser reject ash not desired by the cement industry making our projects a complimentary removal of waste from the participating site/s.

Alios Bricks made from 100% Qld waste ash  .jpg

Alios Bricks made from 100% Qld waste ash

The Alios solution is a Circular Economy biomass, brickworks and organic fertiliser blueprint.

  • Patent protected processes within this system make it uniquely Alios and prevent duplication by others.

  • Brickworks Kiln is powered 24hrs/day by Syn-gas from Napier Grass fuelled gasifier

  • 99.99% tar destruction hot scrubber (gasifier)

  • Char and ash from gasifier is used as basis for making organic fertiliser

  • Solar Thermal provides ash preheating and drying

  • Syn-gas nightly back up to solar PV and solar thermal

  • There is no cement added to Alios Low Impact Building Products.

  • Electricity from gas engines powers electrolyser, producing green H₂ 24 hrs/day.

Alios Ash PFD.jpg

These are truly green projects with a CO abatement of more than 85ktpa at a production rate of 250 ktpa ash usage.

Traditional building products with a low carbon footprint, made from waste.

Alios Quick Brick and thin bed mortar system are designed for automated laying, specialising in low carbon impact, medium density housing using Alios Building Products..


Alios Organic Fertiliser 1,000kg

Alios Solar Distillation Unit

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