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ALIOS water/hydrogen

The use of solar distillation and biomass powered gasifier on each site ensures Alios Water Projects will have the lowest carbon footprint of any water purification process available.

Unpalatable water is fed to the solar distillation array, producing distilled water and a concentrated brine.

The distilled water is fed into the biomass powered electrolysers where it is transformed into medical grade oxygen and green hydrogen.

The biomass powered distillation columns distil the concentrated brine from the solar array producing more distilled water for hydrogen production and dried sediments/salts.

The sediments/salts are pelletised (where applicable) and marketed. 

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Sustainable, reliable long-term water supply infrastructure powered by renewable energy.
In our application renewable energy from biomass produces more than twice the energy per m² than PV solar.
Nett negative CO₂ emission from the project.
Multi-stage distillation to remove contaminants.
Suitable for any water supply source, including contaminated water:

  • Mine affected water

  • Sea water

  • Brackish aquifers

  • Municipal stormwater/ wastewater

  • Industrial process water, stormwater, wastewater

  • Sewerage effluent

  • RO concentrated brines

Solar Distillation - up to 30,000 litres/day/unit.
Gas Distillation – up to 72,000 litres/day/unit.
Note: salts/minerals produced are project specific and determined by input water qualities.

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